"The Leader of The Pack"

Small businesses simply cannot afford to employ a full time IT staff. Unfortunately, some will rely on an employee or a “friend of the boss” to take care of their computer and networking needs. This may be the most technical person anyone knows, but he or she is not a computer support professional and may not have all of the necessary skills and experience. Even worse, some companies have no one to turn to. That’s why you need an Alpha Geek on your side. Alpha Geek specializes in providing a full range of technical support to small businesses, customized to their specific needs.

Don’t buy printers for everyone, buy fewer (and more reliable) printers and share them on the network. Centralize documents and other information resources to streamline communication and collaboration, boosting productivity.

Are you adding more users to your network or moving into a new office? Alpha Geek can help by installing the network cable that you need. Both voice and data cable can be installed.

Your office may have construction which makes running network cable expensive or impractical. Installing a wireless network can save you time and money by alleviating the need to pull cables. Securing it to prevent outsiders from using your internet connection, or even worse, accessing your private data, is vital.

If you lost all of your data stored on your computers what would happen to your business? For some, this would be devastating. Computer malfunctions, user error, viruses and hackers pose a serious threat to your data. Alpha Geek can design a backup plan for you and implement security measures that meet the specific needs of your business.